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The Epitome of Unwavering Strength

The Epitome of Unwavering Strengthmark lewis family2

I wanted to e-introduce all of you to a remarkable man – his name is Mark Lewis.  He is in the fight of his life right now.  He has angio sarcoma and was told last fall that he had only 3 months to live, and guess what – he is still here and fighting.  I admire and respect his unwavering strength and perseverance in the midst of his journey.

His blog has the heading “I will Live Strong, My name is Mark.  I was diagnosed with Angio Sarcoma.  Now I will beat it.”  The link for his blog is at the bottom of this page for you to take the time to read, it’s worth it, trust me. Read More→

Giving Back

Almost a year ago to the day I quickly sent off a Unwavering Book Coverrequest to Killer covers to design my book cover.  All I had at this point was a title, nothing more.  My hope was that
they would miraculously get it finished and sent back to me in time for Gerry (my husband) to see it before he passed away.  I had this very strong need for him to know I would keep his memory alive in a book, not just in our hearts.

The title of the book is Unwavering Strength – which is in process and I will dedicate it to his memory, after all he was exactly that “Unwavering Strength” as he watched one relative after another die from cancer, only to know that was going to be his fate, very soon.

And as fate would have it (or whatever you want to call it) the book cover arrived in my inbox at 1 am on April 10th and I opened it on my tablet and showed it to him.  5 hours later he was gone.  Read More→

I’m finally writing!!!

I’m finally writing!!  It has been an incredible 5 years and throughout many folks suggested that I write down and document my journey. And guess what, I didn’t doUnwavering Book Cover it, does that sound familiar?

So hear I am, at a point where I want to offer you glimpses into my journey, not to solicit sympathy but to help you cope and share your stories.  I am in the process of writing a book , titled Unwavering Srength, about my journey and I would like you to come along with me during the next chapter of my life.

When I reflect back over the past 5 years of my life there are many aspects that I wouldn’t give up for the world, wow, but there are others that I wouldn’t wish on another human being. Read More→